Adding content

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Hello world

Let’s create our first content file for your documentation. Open a terminal and add the following command for each new file you want to add. Replace <section-name> with a general term that describes your document in detail.

hugo new <section-name>/

Visitors of your website will find the final document under<section-name>/filename/.

Since it’s possible to have multiple content files in the same section I recommend to create at least one file per section. This ensures that users will find an index page under<section-name>.


To add content to the homepage you need to add a small indicator to the frontmatter of the content file:

type: index

Otherwise the theme will not be able to find the corresponding content file.

Table of contents

You maybe noticed that the menu on the left contains a small table of contents of the current page. All <h2> tags (## Headline in Markdown) will be added automatically.


Admonition is a handy feature that adds block-styled side content to your documentation, for example hints, notes or warnings. It can be enabled by using the corresponding shortcodes inside your content:

{{< note title="Note" >}}
Nothing to see here, move along.
{{< /note >}}

This will print the following block:


Nothing to see here, move along.

The shortcode adds a neutral color for the note class and a red color for the warning class. You can also add a custom title:

{{< warning title="Don't try this at home" >}}
Nothing to see here, move along.
{{< /warning >}}

This will print the following block:

Don't try this at home

Nothing to see here, move along.