Download location

Download the current release: aims-desktop-2022.1-20211012-amd64.iso

This download is about 4GB large. If you have data limits on your current connection, please take that into consideration before downloading.

Validating the image

SHA256 Checksum: 47a88fd54e96a8c2220f400a85fe53f83b7bf40242a3ea7e6432124e31c2c744

The checksum above is a SHA256 sum that you can verify in Linux or OSX using the following command on the iso file, for example:

user@localhost$ sha256sum aims-desktop-2022.1-20211012-amd64.iso

If the checksum matches the sha256 checksum above, then your local file is undamaged. There is also a command line sha256 tool for Microsoft Windows, which can be downloaded here.

What's next?

Once you’ve downloaded the file above, you can proceed to the Getting Started section that will guide you through the installation process.


We’ll get the latest release updated on mirrors ASAP.